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We've combined all 60 interviews from her Homeschool Super Heroes and providing them as a Labor Day "Super" Deal 4 year package. In other words, all the people that my daughters have interviewed over the past 4 years are in this package.

AND...they have transcripts & cheat sheets for those of us that would rather read, instead of listen.

For the next 5 days, we're offering a Labor Day "Super" Deal where you can grab these Homeschool Super Hero interviews for less than 75 cents / expert.

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If you want to listen to these outstanding & encouraging interviews again & again... can grab the interview recording package for ALL 4 years at a 79% discount right here:

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ps. I know you will be encouraged by these Super Heroes, just like I am.

pps. Wondering who all the Homeschool Super Heroes are? Here's a list ... it's pretty long :-)

Andrew Pudewa (IEW)
Sally Clarkson (Wholeheart)
Todd Wilson (Family Man)
Jill Pike (IEW)
Heidi St John (Busy Moms)
Shirley Solis (Lifetime)
Sharon Jeffus (Visual Manna)
Kendra Fletcher (Preschoolers & Peace)
Linda Hobar (Mystery of History)
Rachael Carman (Apologia)
Lee Binz (Homescholar)
Hal & Melanie Young (Boys)
Michele Miller (TruthQuest History)
Kerry Beck (Raising Leaders)
Bob & Tina Farewell (Bring Dads Home)
Pam Forster (Doorposts)
Jim Weiss (Greathall)
Janice Campbell (Excellence in Literature)
Mary Jo Tate (Get It All Done)
Sherri MacLean (Titus 2 Moms)
Jim Bob Howard (Coupons)
Tristie Fisher (Grace Bible Church)
Stephanie Buckwalter (Kamikaze Cleaning)
Jon Sullivan (Adoption)
Chelle Barnaby (Reading)
JoJo Tabares (Art of Eloquence)
Terri Camp
Gena Suarez (Old Schoolhouse)
Adam Andrews (Teaching the Classics)
Marilyn Rockett (Homeschooling Today)
Phyllis Wheeler (Motherboard)
Kerry Beck (Teaching Writing & Righteousness)
Hunter Beck (Practical Skills)
Mike Hanik (Family Time Fitness)
Toni Anderson (Happy Housewife)
Stef Layton (Reclaiming the Family, Educating Laytons)
Tiany Davis (The Homeschool Lounge, Social Savvy Mom)
Amy Roberts (Raising Arrows)
Wendy Hilton (Hip Homeschool Mom)
Holly Syx (I Go BoGo)
Stephen Beck (Father's Stew)
Kerry Beck (Faith & Fun in Homeschool)
Hunter Beck (Marshmallow Gun Business)
Rebecca Brandt (Mom's Mustard Seeds)
Kim Kautzer (Write Shop)
Chris & Wendy Jeub (
Janine LaTulippe (True Aim Education)
Tricia Hodges (Southern Hodge Podge)
Kelli Becton (Homeschooling Adventurez)
Sharla Kostelyk (Chaos & Clutter)
Aurie Good (Our Good Life)
Marci Godwin (The Homeschool Scientist)
Jill Craft (Blessed Beyond a Doubt)
Peter Minke (Minke Wellness)
Stephen Beck (Family Mission Trips)
Kerry Beck (Family Discipleship)

Get all their interviews here:
Homeschooling Labor Day "Super" Deal

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