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Free Homeschool Interviews from HomeschoolSuperHeroes.comI know what it's like to be in the trenches as a homeschool mom.

Sometimes you need a little encouragement or a few fun tricks from experienced homeschoolers.

Real homeschool parents who have real experience balancing school & family with cooking, cleaning & chauffeuring.

You'll hear our Homeschool Super Heroes answer the questions you have on your mind.

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My daughters are homeschool graduates who are considering how they might homeschool their children in the future. They ask our Super Heroes exactly how to approach homeschooling.

They also ask specific questions in each Super Hero's field of expertise.

Let me tell you who you'll be hearing from . . .

  • Jeannie Fulbright, Apologia Science
  • Lori Verstegen, Institute for Excellence in Writing
  • Michelle Miller, TruthQuest History
  • Nancy Fileccia, A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks
  • Leslie Nunnery, Teach Them Diligently
  • Israel Wayne, Family Renewal Ministries
  • Jim Pence, See the Light Art
  • Hunter Beck, Marshmallow Guns
  • Dennis Gunderson, Grace & Truth Books
  • Heather McMillan, We Choose Virtues
  • Woody Robertson, College Plus
  • Joyce Herzog, Scaredy Cat Reading System
  • Stephen Beck, FamilyEbiz
  • Kerry Beck, How to Homeschool My Child
  • and a few more . . .

That's a lot of information to cover in 2 weeks time.

We're hosting interviews of experienced homeschoolers that have practical advice for YOU to get started on the right foot this year.


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