Don’t Miss Out

Don’t Miss Out!

When you register for Homeschool Super Heroes, you will be able to listen to the “interview of the day” on your computer.  After our Homeschool Super Hero Week, you will no longer have access to the practical tips, strategies and helpful information our speakers share.  Today, you can grab your copy of the recordings…and our Homeschool Super Hero Package.

Why should you invest in the recordings of the interviews
when you can listen to them free during Homeschool Super Heroes Week?

What if you miss an interview…and it may be the ONE person you want to hear.

What if you are encouraged by these Super Heroes and want to listen to them again.

Not everyone learns the same way…if you are a “visual learner” and prefer to read the transcripts.

What if you don’t have time to listen to all the interviews…Life is Busy! So, you can skim our Special Cheat Sheets.

Daily Encouragement from our Cheat Sheets.  Quick & Easy way to keep focused on what’s important!


First you get 15 interviews from our Super Heroes in the Homeschooling community. You will be able to download them to your mp3 player and listen to them over & over again.  That’s what I do when I find good content that encourages me.  I listen when I cook, when I clean, when I exercise.  It’s called “multi-tasking” & you should become an expert when you are homeschooling!
(Retail $10 per interview = $160)
Not only will you receive the recordings, you’ll also receive the professionally edited transcripts of each of our 15 recordings.  Basically, you’ll be getting 15 mini-books about homeschooling.  We all learn differently, so we want you to have both an audio and visual way to take in all this life-changing information.  You can download each transcript and make a notebook to review at your leisure.
(Retail $10 per mini-book = $160)

You’ll also receive to our 15 “Cheat Sheets”.  Our expert interviewer, Ashley Ortega, kept detailed notes from each of our Super Heroes. They took the best information each of them shared and made a 1-2 page cheat sheet.  It’s quick & easy to use as a reference.  When you need a quick shot in the arm, turn to your “Cheat Sheets”. (Retail $35)

Package Total Value is $335

10% of Homeschool Super Hero sales will be donated to Compassion.

We will use the money to support at least one child on a monthly basis throughout the year.
Hopefully, we can sponsor more than one child with your support.

Sponsor a Child in Jesus Name with Compassion

Get Access to 15 Audio MP3 Files,
15 Mini-Books/ Transcripts
& 15
 ”Cheat Sheets” -

Several Hours of Christian Homeschooling
Techniques & Strategies for Only $57

Homeschool Super Heroes Week Special $37

(Price INCREASES when interviews end on August 29, 2014)

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