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I know what it’s like to be in the trenches as a homeschool mom. Sometimes you need a little encouragement or a few fun tricks from experienced homeschoolers. Real homeschool parents who have real experience balancing school & family with cooking, cleaning & chauffeuring. On our Homeschool Super Heroes interviews, you’ll get answer to questions you have on your mind.

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My daughters are homeschool graduates who are considering how they might homeschool their children in the future. They ask our Super Heroes exactly how to approach homeschooling. They also ask specific questions in each Super Hero’s field of expertise.

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Rebecca Brandt (Mom’s Mustard Seeds) Listen to Homeschool Super Hero Rebecca Brandt tonight for free - "Listen to God as you...Plan Your Homeschool & Disciple Your Kids" from HomeschoolSuperHeroes.com

Rebecca is a child of God, married to the love of her life, and the mother of three children. She writes about faith, marriage, parenting, nutrition and homeschooling at Mom’s Mustard Seeds. Rebecca will share:

  • How to integrating children’s learning around the Bible vs. just throwing the Bible in as a separate subject
  • Discipling your child…a parent’s responsibility vs. God’s responsibility
  • Staying strong through the trials of life and maintaining a strong marriage



Kim Kautzer (WriteShop)

Like most of you, Kim is the wearer of many hats. Though her homeschooling days are behind her, her hours are far from quiet as she helps run their busy WriteShop business serving customers, working with stores and schools, writing, marketing, and traveling. In addition to her blog, her articles have appeared in prominent homeschooling magazines including: The Old Schoolhouse, Home School Enrichment, and Homeschooling Today. With her amazing husband of 37 years, they have three grown kids, a couple of fine sons-in-law, a beautiful {British!} daughter-in-law, and a passel of grandchildren who hang out with her as often as she’ll take ‘em! Having learned the hard way to teach her own writing-phobic son to like (and eventually love) writing, it’s become her joy to help other parents feel more equipped to teach writing at home. It is her prayer that our gracious God will continue using her to encourage each of you as you forge your own path. Kim will share:

  • Helpful writings tips for grades K-3
  • Guiding your child in topics and prompts
  • Teaching writing when mom isn’t confident

Listen to Homeschool Super Hero Leslie Nunnery on Thursday  for free - "Misison Minded Kids & Balancing Life" from HomeschoolSuperHeroes.com


Leslie Nunnery (Teach Them Diligently)

Leslie Nunnery is the co-founder of Teach Them Diligently Convention along with her husband David. She is the homeschool mother of four children who range in age from 11-18. God has given her a strong burden to minister to Christian families to help support, encourage and equip them to disciple their children, protect their marriages, and serve God in the ways He has planned for them. She is an advocate of home education with a strong focus on discipleship which is evidenced in her writings and the events her family produces. She is also heavily involved in mission endeavors through Worldwide Tentmakers, for which her husband serves as a president and Teach Them Diligently supports.

Leslie will share:

  • Changing the world by getting our children involved in missions
  • Shepherding our children’s hearts and truly discipling them
  • Balancing God, life, homeschool, and work



Kerry Beck (How to Homeschool My Child)

Kerry has been encouraging homeschool parents for the past 12 years, as she and her family traveled to book shows. She loves to encourage young moms to follow God’s leading as they raise their children to godliness. Kerry also likes teaching moms and teachers the best strategies to teach “how to write.” Having started How to Homeschool My Child(previously Curriculum Connection) with her elementary aged kids, she enjoys helping families involve their children in a family business. Kerry has been featured in the Ultimate Homeschool Expo & Homeschooling Today. Kerry has three children, 2 son-in-laws & 1 precious granddaughter. Her daughters, Ashley and Gentry, are interviewing our Homeschool Super Heroes. Kerry will share:

  • How to choose the right activities for your family
  • How to schedule your time
  • How to reduce the number of activities for your kids
  • How moms can feel refreshed each week & ready to homeschool

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