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2022 Speakers

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These are 2022 Speakers

Andrew’s Super Power: The funny man with the wonderful words

Andrew Pudewa is the founder and director of the Institute for Excellence in Writing and a father of seven. Traveling and speaking around the world, he addresses issues related to teaching, writing, thinking, spelling, and music with clarity, insight, practical experience, and humor. His seminars for parents, students, and teachers have helped transform many a reluctant writer and have equipped educators with powerful tools to dramatically improve students’ skills.

Although he is a graduate of the Talent Education Institute in Japan and holds a Certificate of Child Brain Development from the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, his best endorsement is from a young Alaskan boy who called him “the funny man with the wonderful words.” He and his heroic wife, Robin, have homeschooled their seven children and are now proud grandparents of fifteen, making their home in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Find Andrew at IEW

Follow Andrew on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Pinterest

Andrew’s conference workshops are titled: However Imperfectly: Lessons Learned from Thirty Years of Teaching and Conquering Corrupt Culture by Raising Christian Communicators

Steven’s Super Power: Helping homeschool super heroes protect their parental rights and decriminalize homeschooling

Steven Policastro is the founder and director of the International Association for Creation, a global Christian 501(c)3 ministry dedicated to bringing quality Christ-centered education to the nations. He leads a team from around the world that is dedicated to amplifying learning from a biblical worldview, increasing access to homeschooling, and protecting parental rights throughout Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Pacific. In 2020, in partnership with the national Christian homeschool leadership and the Ministry of Sports & Culture, the team initiated and drafted public policy that legalized homeschooling in Bolivia.

Today, he leads his team in:
1. Scaling success by equipping experienced community leaders across Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Pacific with the tools necessary to provide sustainable, local solutions for students, parents, and teachers.
2. Facilitating high-level government discussions regarding the formation of education freedom zones in Mongolia.
3. Establishing a national education framework for the Ministry of Education in South Sudan.
4. Brokering refugee resettlement talks between national homeschool leaders in France and their European Union counterparts who are engaged in the current conflict over parental rights.

Steven has presented to and engaged in dialogue with top world leaders, including government officials and Ph.Ds. in the United States, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Pacific, leading his team in facilitating ground-breaking diplomatic discussion on education reform that is qualitatively and quantitatively transforming nations. His efforts have opened access to critical infrastructure and opportunities for millions of individuals to continue to benefit from strategies that are amplifying learning, increasing access, and protecting rights in over one-hundred nations. He is a media spokesman in various areas of expertise, from education reform to transformative peace processes., click here to see what families like yours face every day homeschooling around the world., Click here to write a note of encouragement to a homeschool family overseas., click here to pray for a homeschool family overseas

Steven‘s conference workshop is titled: Homeschooling Around the World

Meredith’s Super Power: Enthusiasm–I love to learn and love to teach!

Meredith Curtis, homeschooling mom of five amazing children and Grand-Merey to five angels, writes, speaks, and loves to encourage families in their homeschooling adventure. With gratefulness to the Lord, she is a curriculum creator, publisher, and the author of Who Dun It Literature & Writing, HIS Story of the 20th Century, and God Bless the USA Exploring States and Territories.

You can find Meredith at, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. Check out Meredith’s homeschool resources at Powerline Productions’ online store. Read her blog at, and Listen to her at Finish Well Podcast. Join one of her online classes at True North Homeschool Academy.

Meredith’s conference workshops are titled: Equipping Teens to Write a Cozy Mystery and The Super-Power of Good Manners

Annette’s Super Power: Learning to Relax

Annette Breedlove has been married to her husband and best friend since 2003. Together they are raising their six children to follow the Lord’s will, no matter what. Annette’s homeschooling journey began in 2010 when her oldest was finishing up preschool. She realized he was ahead of the curve and felt that he would “get lost” in the large class sizes. After much prayer, she and her husband decided homeschooling was the right fit for their family. Over the years their homeschooling methods have changed and grown into what works best for their family, which is a mix of Charlotte Mason and Unschooling while they travel the United States in their RV fulltime.

You can also keep up with her via Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, and their traveling adventures at Roadschooling the States with 8.

Annette’s conference workshops are titled: Giving them the Reigns: Successfully Homeschool High School by Giving Up Complete Control and Taking it easy during the Early Years – Unschooling for the Win!

Davis’ Super Power: Learning to Relax

Davis Carman got started on his homeschool adventure with a providential two-by-four on
the side of his head. Twenty-six years and seven graduates later, he hopes to share some
of the lessons he’s learned along the way to help other families enjoy the most successful,
satisfying, and Christ-centered home school possible.

His mission is to help homeschooling families learn, live, and defend the Christian faith. This
is accomplished in part through his work as president of Apologia Educational Ministries, the #1 publisher of creation-based science, math, Bible and worldview curriculum, and online instruction for homeschooling families.

He is the author of five illustrated books for preschoolers, which are designed to instill a
biblical worldview. He blogs at Apologia and is the co-host (along with his wife Rachael) of
the Let’s Talk Homeschool podcast.

He believes that if there was ever a time to homeschool, it is now!

Davis’ conference workshops are titled: Giving them the Reigns: Radically Intentional Parenting and I Believe in Homeschooling

Jan’s Super Power: ability to encourage homeschoolers by offering them helpful info, a quick “pause”, and a time to refuel before taking off for the next leg of their homeschool journey.

Jan L. Burt is an author, speaker, podcaster, homeschooling veteran, mother to five, and has been happily married for over thirty years. She served in youth ministry alongside her husband for twelve years & has led several Bible studies for women as well as hosting two online prayer retreats. Jan is the host of the award-winning podcast “The Burt (Not Ernie) Show” & author of the books “A 60-Day Prayer Journal for Parents” & “The Power of God’s Will – 40 Days of God’s Promises Devotional” & “The Homeschooling Mothers Bible Study” (available on Amazon) & “The Once-A-Year Homeschool Planner” (a multi-grade, multi-subject planning system) as well as Volumes 1 & 2 of “All Things Homeschool Devotions for Moms” – which can be found at She has also been a regular contributor to The Old Schoolhouse Magazine & just launched her audio course “Psalm 91 – Pray It & Believe It”.

Find Jan on Instagram or on TikTok, and please sign up for her newsletter “The Runway” for weekly refueling at

Jan’s conference workshops are titled: Praying Psalm 91 For Your Family & Your Homeschool and Long-Term Learning with Unit Studies

Suzanne’s Super Power: Making Spanish Learning Fun and Easy for the Whole Family

Señora Gose’s family loves living on their small 15 acre farm in Central Texas with their dairy goats, turkeys, chickens, ducks, and garden. She thoroughly enjoys teaching weekly Spanish classes, supporting homeschool endeavors of the community in any way possible, and striving to keep a happy, well-organized home. They have five children ages 14 to 20, and have been homeschooling them since birth.She became a certified Texas Public School Teacher in 1999 and truly who thrived on teaching (yes, even in the public school system!) Señora Gose and her husband of began their family and she stayed home with that first born baby, expecting to return to the school system when he was ready for kindergarten. But she missed teaching so much, she reached out to the local homeschool community to tutor or host a small Spanish class. After that initial email, she received 42 replies the very next morning! That experience created in her the desire to homeschool – These homeschooled students were just SO different than the public school students she had LOVED teaching, there was no comparison. “Whatever these parents are doing, I want my baby to be like this in high school.” So for 20 years now, she has been teaching Spanish and Public Speaking to homeschool students weekly in a classroom setting, currently still at the Community Homeschool Center she helped to create in 2009 in Bryan, Texas. Recently, her husband of 24 years (25 in December!) has moved over full time to work with Flip Flop Spanish, making the business a true family affair!Flip Flop Spanish, Spanish Geniuses, and her new video tips service Seriously, Suzanne (includes her book The Key to Learning Anything) were born out of those 20+ years of teaching thousands of students; helping hundreds of families, plus homeschooling their own five children.

Suzanne‘s conference workshops are titled: How NOT to Learn a Foreign Language and Seven Hidden Benefits of Learning a New Language That We all Keep Missing.

Mark’s Super Power: Rhyming!

Mark Huffman is the author of The Toot Fairy, Cheesemaker Durdsden, Billan the Bard, and Bubbles, silly stories about toots and cheese told in verse and guaranteed to make small children and large adults laugh out loud. As R. M. Huffman, he’s also the author of two award-winning Biblical fiction novels, Leviathan and Fallen.

Learn more about Mark at his website

Mark’s conference workshop is titled: Humor in Education: Laughing Leads to Learning

Steve’s Super Power: Building Faith Families

Steve and his wife Sandra have been married since 1979. They have been blessed with four sons, three lovely daughters-in-law, and six special grandchildren. Their fourth son has Down Syndrome and lives with them in Lititz, PA.

Steve has served in full or part time pastoral ministry for many years after graduating from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. He is the creator of Math-U-See and the founder of Building Faith Families.

Steve’s conference workshop is titled: God Loves and Likes You. Good News for Earnest Parents

Lisa’s Super Power: Encouraging and helping others with my God Given Story

Hello, I am Lisa Garrison, I am married to my childhood sweetheart Jon, and we have 4 boys our oldest is Josh who just turned 16 in May, then Joey will be 13 soon, Jameson is 6, and our baby Jackson is 2. We also have a fur baby named Luna who shares the same birthday and is the same age as Jackson. We are a Christian, homeschooling family of special health needs. God put it on our hearts to help others from all the things we have experienced and learned in our 21 years together. At God’s Given Grace we strive to give support and practical solutions for raising a family.

We are providing help and encouragement for living through all the parenting, medical, emotional, financial, educational, spiritual, and routine systems families go through. Including those of special health care needs. ~But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.~ 2 Corinthians 12:9

Learn more about Lisa and her work on her website. You may follow her on Facebook and on Instagram

Lisa’s conference workshop is titled: Why you are the best person to teach your child and Fighting for your children

Richie’s Super Power: Planning and Organization

Richie Soares is the owner and creator of Homeschool & Humor, a place where you can learn all about homeschooling, momlife encouragement, and homeschool traveling resources. Richie is a single homeschool mom with 3 kiddos – 11, 10, and 4. When she’s not homeschooling, planning lessons, or blogging, you can find her putting together complex Lego creatures with her kids or probably involved in a high-intense Nerf battle using the furniture as barricades. It’s her hope that you find delight in her words, treasures with her resources, and camaraderie in momlife.

You can find her at Homeschool & Humor and her Homeschool & Humor Tribe Facebook Group. Connect with her on social on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Richie’s conference workshops are titled: Know Exactly What To Do Every Day For Your Homeschool With This Homeschool Planning System and The Power of Optimism: Letting Go of Negativity for a More Powerful Life

Lisa’s Super Power: I have a clear vision of what education is and how to equip other with this powerful and effective tool.

Lisa Nehring has been married for 37 years to David, a Clinical Psychologist, who joins Lisa occasionally on the Life Skills 101 podcast. Lisa holds a Master’s Degree in Human Development (she wrote her thesis on “Why Parents Homeschool,”) and a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. Having homeschooled her 5 Kids for 30 years, Lisa takes delight in knowing that her grandkids are also being homeschooled.

Lisa is the founder and director of True North Homeschool Academy, a 1st-12th grade full service on-line Academy. Our world class teachers utilize time testing educational tools, cutting edge tech, the SAMR model of education and gamification to provide a unique and innovative program that nurtures community. Lisa believes that education is the transmission of culture and is passionate about transmitting a culture of Truth, beauty and goodness to a world desperate for all three.

Find True North Homeschool Academy on their Website, on their Facebook Page, on Pinterest, and on Instagram

Lisa’s conference workshops are titled: Homeschool Jr High with Confidence! and Homeschool High School with Confidence!

Britton’s Super Power: Motivating Greatness

No one understands education like Britton LaTulippe. This homeschooling father of eight is the author and illustrator of more than 70 children’s books, The Art of Raising Children for Greatness series (which includes four books: Revealing School, Education, Character, and Power), and the President of Blue Manor Academy (an online Christian prep school for homeschoolers).

Britton’s conference workshop is titled: The Forgotten Subjects of Greatness

Jeannie’s Super Power: Charlotte Mason

Jeannie Fulbright is a veteran homeschooler and author of Apologia’s best-selling, multi award-winning elementary through middle school science series that has infused a love for science, a solid faith in the Word of God, and the young earth creation model, while imparting a top-notch science education. Jeannie Fulbright Press continues this tradition with products and curriculum that build faith, cultivate intellectual culture, inspire a love for learning, and develop an appreciation for God’s creation.

Jeannie and her husband Jeff, a practicing lawyer, live in Atlanta where they homeschooled all four of their children who all went to the University of Georgia on scholarship (Yes! Homeschooling works!) For more than 20 years Jeannie has traveled around the country speaking to thousands of homeschoolers and serving the homeschool community through her curriculum, books, blogs, speaking engagements, and podcasts. Jeannie grew up in Austin, Texas and received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Texas at Austin and her Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Fairfield University. She is a Certified Christian Life Coach and has a heart to ensure your homeschool is surrounded by memories and moments that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Follow Jeannie on Facebook, Instagram, and on Pinterest

Jeannie’s conference workshops are titled: How You Can Teach Your Children to Write Right and Right Well and Why Nature Study Matters and How to Make it Awesome

Christian’s Super Power: Practical homeschool and family life and relationships

Christian Horstmann is the Editor at Christian Family Reformation, which is dedicated to encouraging and supporting the reformation and revival of the Deuteronomy 6:6-7 lifestyle in the modern Christian family. As a homeschool graduate who was raised in a Bible-believing family, the heritage of the Biblical family unit is something he holds close to his heart; and its preservation amidst today’s increasingly secular culture is one of his driving passions.

Christian’s conference workshop is titled: Beyond Academics: One of the Best Blessings of Homeschooling

Betsy’s Super Power: Homeschooling High Schoolers

Betsy Sproger is mom to one daughter whom she homeschooled from preschool through high school. She worked as an Occupational Therapist prior to coming home to educate her child. She likes using a variety of resources and founded BJ’s Homeschool to share their high school journey, tips for college, and frugal resources.

After graduating her daughter from her homeschool, Betsy helped her get into each of the colleges she applied to, including a Tier 1 University. With scholarship offers. Betsy also served as a consultant to a certified college counselor.

She is a Christian, active in her church and lives in the Pacific NW near her daughter, who is now working in her field of study. She shares her tried and true tips on high school and getting into college as a homeschooler freely in her book/kindle and in her workshops.

Learn more about her book on high school here: Betsy’s Book on High School
Follow Betsy here:
BJ’s HomeschoolFacebook
BJ’s HomeschoolPinterest

Betsy’s conference workshop is titled: Homeschooling Your College Bound Teen and Making Memories Along the Way

Dachelle’s Super Power: Inspiring Kids to Read

Dachelle is a homeschooling mom of 3 who knows the struggle of getting kids excited to read a book, especially the classics. This is why she created Literary Adventures for Kids, a full language arts curriculum for preschool to high school that inspires kids to read through rabbit trails and a little bit of magic dust.

She uses her experiences as an educator in the traditional system to create courses that encourage critical thinking and are catalysts for big conversations. Dachelle is also the owner of Hide The Chocolate, a blog about her adventures in homeschooling and parenting using a relaxed Charlotte Mason philosophy. You can often find her reading a good book (or even sometimes just an okay book) and enjoying a jar of Nutella — don’t judge. 😉

You may also follow Dachelle on Facebook, Instagram, and on Tiktok

Dachelle’s conference workshops are titled: Turn a Book into an Unforgettable Experience and Are you ready for an easy solution for language arts?

Molly’s Super Power: Finding What Your Special Needs Child Needs to Thrive

Molly Christensen is a joyful mother of 7 amazing children.   She earned her degree in mechanical engineering, and since then, she has found great passion in being a mother and homeschooling for the past 20 years.  She has founded multiple homeschool co-ops, written mounds of curriculum, taught classes to youth & adults.  She is the owner of Building Heroes Academy, which offers a new way to educate and raise leaders in your home.  She is the author of “How to Get Everything (Important) Done.”  She is passionate about sharing her love of learning and encouraging others on their journeys to greatness!

Learn more about Molly and her work at her website, listed to her podcast, and follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and on Youtube. You may also join her private Facebook community.

Mollys conference workshops are titled: How to Get Everything (Important) Done! Homeschool AND Clean the House AND Stay Sane! and Guiding Your Kids on Their Own Hero Journey

Amy’s Super Power: Finding What Your Special Needs Child Needs to Thrive

Amy Bodkin is a Special Needs Consultant to homeschooling families at A Charlotte Mason Plenary. She is uniquely qualified to help parents homeschool a child with special needs. Amy is an Autistic Adult, has an Educational Specialist Degree (Ed.S.) with an emphasis in Neuropsychology, a Masters in Educational Psychology, and is a Special Needs Homeschool Mom. Amy approaches her work with Special Needs families using a Developmental Approach paired with Charlotte Mason’s Philosophy that “children are born persons” and are worthy of the respect due to persons. These ideas will help you create a homeschool that is perfectly fitted to the needs of your special needs child! Amy also has a second website for consulting with professionals and her work in advocating for the better treatment of children with special needs. This website is also home to her podcast “Special Needs Kids Are People Too!”

You can find Amy at,, Facebook, and Instagram.

Amy’s conference workshops are titled: Raising Superheroes: Parenting Special Needs Kids and Taking a Developmental Approach to Charlotte Mason

Rachel’s Super Power: Helping you homeschool your way!

Rachel Lebowitz is the owner of A Charlotte Mason Plenary, an expert on the CM method and philosophy, a Homeschooling Consultant, and an author. She has always used the Charlotte Mason method to homeschool both her kiddos from preschool through high school. Her homeschool philosophy can be summed up in two words: Your Way. She unabashedly reminds parents that Charlotte’s philosophy is a method, not a system and that it should be adapted to uniquely fit your family. Learn how her “Charlotte Mason Your Way” approach can make your homeschool more joyful and more effective. Learn more at A Charlotte Mason Plenary.

You can also find us on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Rachel’s conference workshop is titled: A Study in Character: Teaching Citizenship & Morality through Shakespeare and Plutarch

Scott’s Super Power: Helping you homeschool your way!

Scott LaPierre is the teaching pastor of Woodland Christian Church in Woodland, WA, an author, and conference speaker. He holds an MA in Biblical Studies from Liberty University. Scott and his wife, Katie, have nine children and they are passionate homeschooling advocates. Scott is a former schoolteacher and Army officer.

Learn more about Pastor Scott at his website

Scott’s conference workshops are titled: We Have Spending Problems Versus an Income Problem and Is Submission a Bad Word?

Amy’s Super Power: Beautiful Memory Work and Textbook-Free Learning (or, wait, is Drinking Coffee a superpower?☕🦸‍♀️)

Amy Sloan and her husband John are 2nd-generation homeschoolers to 5 children from 7 to 17 years old. The Sloan family adventures together in NC where they pursue a restfully-classical education. If you hang out with Amy for any length of time, you’ll quickly learn that she loves overflowing book stacks, giant mugs of coffee, beautiful memory work, and silly memes. At any moment she could break into song and dance from Hamilton, 90s country music, or Shakespeare.

Amy writes at, where she shares resources for textbook-free learning, poetry, and more. Amy also hosts the “Homeschool Conversations with Humility and Doxology” podcast, now entering its 6th Season.

Find her free Year of Memory Work on YouTube. Follow Humility and Doxology on Instagram and Facebook.

Amy’s conference workshop is titled: Getting Started with Memory Work

Gena’s Super Power: Making Music Easy for every Homeschool Mom to Include in her Homeschool

Gena Mayo is a homeschooling mom of 8 who has been teaching music in various forms for over 25 years. She has a Bachelors degree in Music Education and a Masters degree in Vocal Pedagogy (teaching voice lessons). It has been her joy to teach elementary and junior high choir, high school voice classes, private voice lessons for teens through adults, early childhood music and movement classes (babies through preschool), elementary general music, music appreciation for elementary through high school, and to serve as musical director for stage musicals.

Gena blogs about homeschooling, family, fashion, and more at I Choose Joy!, shares resources and reviews for including music in your homeschool at Music in Our Homeschool, and provides easy-to-use, click-and-go online courses for all ages at

Gena’s conference workshop is titled: How to Teach Music in Your Homeschool the Charlotte Mason Way

Sarah’s Super Power: Helping parents raise kids who are confident readers that love books

Sarah Miller lives in Michigan with her husband of 12 years and 2 children, who she has homeschooled since birth. In addition to being a homeschool mom, she is also an educator with over a decade of experience teaching kids in preschool through high school. Sarah’s signature program, Reading Better Together, helps homeschool parents teach their kids to read with confidence using scripted lessons and side by side stories that make the process of learning to read fun.

Sarah blogs at Homeschooling 4 Him, where she shares tips and tricks to make homeschooling simple and fun. Her advice has been published in national publications including Parents, National Geographic Kids, and Yahoo Lifestyle. You can also connect with her on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Sarah’s conference workshops are titled: Is Your Child Ready to Read? and Using Side by Side Stories to Make Reading Fun

Jen’s Super Power: JOY

Jen Merckling is a former elementary teacher turned 19 year-veteran homeschool mom of 6 kids! She has 3 young adults in college, a fifth grader, and 8-year old miracle twins! Jen has a passion for helping moms find joy and grace in their homeschool and parenting journey! She is the author of Ready for Reading, a beginning phonics program tailor-made for homeschool families! In the middle of dishes and piles laundry–you can find her blogging about homeschool life and developing homeschool curriculum, at

Follow her on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook!

Jen’s conference workshops are titled: Teaching Reading–6 Tips to Help Your New or Struggling Reader and From Pitfalls to Peace–Answers to 5 Common Homeschool Problems

Nancy’s Super Power: Helping parents come up with a personalized curriculum!

Nancy Mikhail is a Homeschool Educational Coach specializing in the creation and design of engaging pedagogy and active learning projects that excel beyond the requirements of California State Standards. Nancy earned her Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies and Multiple Subject Teaching Credential at the California State University at Long Beach, and furthered her education by earning her Master’s of Science in Curriculum and Instruction from California State University at Fullerton.

Her experience within the education system ranges from preschool to twelfth grade. However, Nancy’s skills go above and beyond the classroom. She has taken her passion for teaching and education into after school programs, academic advising, and nonprofit organizations. She is an active participant and presenter in educational conferences and workshops.

Her drive to progress and create a better educational system allows her to take the lead in building curriculum, especially within language strategies and guided reading. Literacy is a vital component of education and Nancy’s desire to increase student learning is evident within her teaching and career.

Learn more about Nancy on her website and follow her n Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok

Nancy’s conference workshops are titled: All About Project-Based Learning and Limiting Thoughts vs. LimitLESS Thoughts About Homeschooling

Kelly’s Super Power: Finding hope where chaos abounds.

Kelly lives in the beautiful state of Maine along with her utility arborist husband (and high school sweetheart), their four amazing children, and just as many pets. She is a stay-at-home Mom turned homeschooler, turned work-at-home-mom who is a homeschooling fanatic, a reader of all things literature, and the official chaos coordinator of our home – and she wouldn’t have it any other way!

Feel free to follow Kelly at Hope In The Chaos where she always tried to find the glimmer of hope in the chaos of a busy life, or on social media where you can find a mixture of hope, humor, and sarcasm.

You can find Kelly on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. You may also join her private Facebook community

Kelly’s conference workshops are titled: Learning Through Literature

Nikki and Emily’s Super Power: Swedish Drill Super Heros!

The Schoolyard is run by two kindred spirits Nikki Thomas and Emily Bell! It naturally grew from their love of the outdoors and movement paired with their passion for homeschooling. With backgrounds in exercise and sports science, teaching, physical education, coaching, nursing, and college sports they are building a homeschool community excited about intentional movement! The Schoolyard produces homeschool physical education curriculum with a specialty in the Charlotte Mason Philosophy. Their goal is to give new life to Charlotte Mason’s favorite form of movement, Drill!

Learn more about them on their website and on Instagram

Nikki and Emily‘s conference workshop is titled: As for Physical Training, Nothing is so Good As Ling’s Swedish Drill

Alyson’s Super Power: Storytelling

Alyson Jensen is a twenty-one-year-old homeschool graduate. Her superpower is storytelling. Alyson is the published authoress of The Pure Line Series, fictional adventure novels that empower readers through the Gospel of Jesus Christ and help them See the spiritual battle, Fight the real enemy, and Conquer through Jesus Christ.

You can find her books on her website and follow her on Facebook. In addition to writing novels, Alyson creates book reviews on her YouTube channel, the Kingdom Seeker’s Circle.

Alyson’s conference workshop is titled: Building a Storyteller in 6 Fun and Natural Ways

Katie’s Super Power: Supercharging Faith

Katie makes homeschooling easier—and deliciously fun! She is the bestselling author of “Dishing Up Devotions: 36 Faith-Building Activities for Homeschooling Families.” Katie’s also a popular blogger and speaker who infuses faith and fun to build strong families. You can find more resources and connect with her at

Katie’s conference workshops are titled: Getting UnStuck: Simple Solutions for Sticky Situations in your Homeschool and Help for the New Homeschool Mom: What I Wish I’d Known from the Beginning

Justina’s Super Power: Music and encouragement

Justina of Jus’ Classical is a musician, video and course creator, and writer. She has a degree in music therapy and has worked as an early childhood music teacher for over 18 years. At her church, she also helps with the music ministry, playing oboe in the orchestra, and teaching Sunday school to early elementary-aged children, using her Westminster Shorter Catechism songs. Justina is also a blessed wife and a crazy and busy homeschooling mom of three. At Jus’ Classical, she seeks to encourage other home school moms and families, especially in focusing on Christ, making memorizing painless through music and in enjoying great art and classical music!

You can connect with Justina at her website, on Facebook, on Pinterest, and on YouTube

Justina‘s conference workshops are titled: How to Choose the Right Music Program for Your Music Lessons and 12 Ways Drawing Grows the Brain and Helps Students Academically

Kathryn’s Super Power: Making Math Fun

Kathryn is the author of the Apologia math series Exploring Creation with Mathematics. A homeschooled student herself, Kathryn (Bell) Gomes holds an M. Ed. in mathematics from the University of Pennsylvania and a B.S. in mathematics from the University of Pittsburgh. She has taught math to homeschooled students for thirteen years and is very familiar with the challenges of learning math at home. Kathryn spent three years teaching mathematics in inner-city Philadelphia through Teach for America. She then taught in the most ethnically diverse high school in Pennsylvania. During this time, Kathryn designed Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 curricula for English Language Learners. Now one of her great passions is improving mathematics education for homeschoolers by increasing rigor while still maintaining the creativity and free-thinking that she enjoyed in her schooling.

Find Kathryn’s new math curriculum at Apologia, Facebook, and Instagram

Kathryn‘s conference workshop is titled: Living Math: Teaching Off the Page in the Charlotte Mason Style

Cynthia’s Super Power: Mindreading to interpret each child’s behavior has communication

Cynthia Heren is a speaker, writer and homeschooling mom of 3 since 2014. With a variety of learning disabilities and other challenges across her 3 kids, her homeschool requires Outside the Box ideas. Normal at her house includes 2 trampolines, 5 sizes of pencils and indoor and outdoor swings, and a whole room full of LEGOs. She loves working one on one with other homeschool parents, encouraging them to create the perfect education plan for their Outside the Box kids. She also runs the Outside the Box Homeschool Community on Facebook where she hosts monthly workshops about homeschooling and Neurodiversity. You can find her at

Cynthia‘s conference workshops are titled: How to Teach an Outside the Box Kid! and What to do when Handwriting comes With Tears

Sara’s Super Power: Encouraging curiosity, creativity, character, and connection

Sara Jordan is a mom to 3 creative girls, as well as a writer and homeschool consultant. She holds a degree in Social Work specializing in early childhood development, which led to her interest in individualized educational options like homeschooling. She believes that learning should be a lifelong adventure, not just a checklist to get through. She enjoys helping homeschool moms find their own unique homeschooling super powers. Sara has been homeschooling since 2006 (with one graduate so far) and blogging since 2008 at Heart and Soul Homeschooling.

You can connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and her Amazon Author Page.

Sara‘s conference workshop is titled: How to Cultivate a Delightful Learning Atmosphere

Min’s Super Power: Encouraging moms

Min awakes with joyful anticipation of what God will do as she cooperates with Him in home-educating her 4 creative children, as well as her friend’s precious two children. She delights in sharing the Gospel-grounded Charlotte Mason philosophy and methods with every family and church. Over a decade ago, having become convinced of the life-giving paradigm the Charlotte Mason philosophy brings, she has embraced Miss Mason’s principles, allowing them to inform her ministry with moms, college students, and children. If you were having tea with her, she would tell you God doesn’t waste anything; she can testify to how her varied background in Nursing, law, and nonprofit work establishing safehomes for sexually exploited, pregnant mothers, has helped equip her for her current vocation.

Min is a wife of 22 years to her best friend, Young. They have the blessing of pastoring a beautiful, ethnically diverse church in New Jersey. In addition to serving as Pastor’s Wife, the Children’s Ministry Director, an artist, and home-educator, you’ll find her loving on mothers at – a non-profit ministry of and for mothers desiring to grow in their spiritual disciplines and life-giving habits – and podcasting at “Charlotte Mason For All” and “Charlotte Mason’s Volumes.”

Where to find Min:,, and on Instagram.

Min‘s conference workshop is titled: Life-giving Motherhood in a Charlotte Mason Homeschool

Aimee’s Super Power: Restful Homeschooling

Aimee Smith is a second-generation homeschool momma, host of the “Rest in the Homeschool Trench” podcast, and author of “The Restful Homeschool Resolution: 21 Days to Transform Your Homeschool”. As mom to four children, Aimee lives in the daily tension between God’s call to the task of homeschooling and His call to rest as His daughter. As a homeschool community leader, she lives with a message for moms to receive rest by clinging to Jesus and His promise of victory.

Join Aimee at, the Rest in the Homeschool Trench podcast, on Instagram, or in the Restful Homeschool Mommas Facebook group for encouragement to cultivate victorious rest in the midst of your homeschool days.

Aimee’s conference workshops are titled: Maintaining Sanity While Homeschooling Littles and Reclaiming Joy on the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Homeschool Day

Gabi’s Super Power: Slow Living Lifestyle

Gabi frequently speaks at homeschool conferences in support of motherhood, homeschooling, rest, and self-care. A multi-passionate writer, speaker, thought collector, homeschooling mom, musician, business owner, widow, and beloved of the Lord Jesus Christ, her writing and other online publications navigate the topics of love, faith, loss, and hope.

You can connect with her at

Gabi’s conference workshop is titled: Writing to Rest: Journaling as a Spiritual Discipline

Amber’s Super Power: Prioritizing, Economics

Ryan and Amber are the parents of 8 children ages 23 – 9. They have been homeschooling since the beginning, although the kids have attended public schools at various times including the year the family moved to France so that the kids would be able to learn French. Ryan is a computer engineer and works from home. He also has a BA degree in Economics with a minor in Korean from BYU. Amber runs the household and oversees the homeschool. She has a BS degree in Horticulture with a minor in Spanish also from BYU (where they met). 3 of their 8 kids have graduated homeschool and gone on to college, 2 have gone on missions for their church and 1 is married. 5 boys including twins are still at home. They were able to travel and live in France before the 2020 pandemic when they came back to the states and started a homestead in Arkansas. They also lived in California, Texas, Utah, New Hampshire, and France. Ryan self published the workbook, Economics for Kids, this year.
You can learn more at Amber has self published some children’s books for kids learning French and Spanish, and she blogs irregularly at Her favorite resources are listed in the sidebar of her blog.

Ryan and Amber’s conference workshops are titled: 11 Things What Your Child Needs to Learn and Teaching Economics to Kids

Nicole’s Super Power: Making math approachable and enjoyable

Ask a homeschool parent to list their biggest obstacles, and “teaching math” will probably appear close to the top of that list. In response to this concern, Nicole Thomas created Nicole the Math Lady – online video lessons for Saxon Math students that make math approachable and enjoyable for kids and parents. Under Nicole’s direction, what began as a website serving a few dozen students has grown to serve thousands each day.

Nicole has not only created an educational website but a family environment where children and parents share the common belief that when education is fun, there are no limits to what a child can learn. Nicole holds a BA in Economics and a BA in Psychology from Stanford University and resides in Orlando, Florida with her family.

Nicole’s conference workshop is titled: The Four M’s to Making Math Stick!

Katie’s Super Power: Empowering homeschool moms to personalize their homeschools with carefully curated resources

Katie Wolfe has an MAEd and taught in the classroom for a decade prior to becoming Mom to her one and only child. She loved her years in the classroom but loved momming even more, so when her son got to be school-aged, homeschooling seemed like a natural fit for their little family! For the past 12 years, Katie has used an eclectic approach to homeschooling by pulling from various resources, styles and methods. She also enjoys creating printable resources, literacy activities and Unit Studies. She shares her experience and resources with other homeschool moms at The WOLFe Pack and sends a weekly newsletter, The WOLFe Pack Weekly, which includes game reviews, educational resources and practical suggestions for every reader. She also runs Lone WOLFe Homeschooling, a FaceBook group for homeschool moms with only children. She lives in Kansas with her husband, son, mini Aussie and bearded dragon.

Katie’s conference workshop is titled: How to Make Literacy Learning Both Fun and Effective

Charlene’s Super Power: Making Homeschooling as Fun and Easy as Possible for the Whole Family

Charlene is the face behind Hess UnAcademy. She believes learning should be FUN so she make an effort to make learning traditional school subjects, as well as character-building success principles, as fun as possible for the whole family.

You can find Charlene over at or in her Facebook group. You can also follow her Facebook page or her Instagram

Charlene’s conference workshop is titled: Help Kids Master Spelling – The Easy Way!

Tal’s Super Power: Sharing my knowledge and gifts with other women who seek to serve the Kingdom

Tal Hoover is the founder of Blessed Grove Homeschooling and Academy. She is a professional educator, curriculum writer, course creator and homeschool mother of 7 children. As a Christian mother and wife, she lives life and raises her family based on Biblical principles.. Tal has over 15 years of home education and nearly a decade of experience in tutoring, online education, and writing. She specializes in teaching Biblical and world history, geography, multicultural studies, comparative religions and of course, professional artisan cookie decorating. She has a bachelor’s degree in Leadership and also hold certificates in criminal law and paralegal studies. Missions work, mentoring and empowering not only my own family, but others is her top priority.

Tal loves connecting with those that are seeking to educate their own children and become entrepreneurs to promote self-sufficiency. Check out more of her resources and offerings on her website and follow her on Instagram and Youtube!

Tal’s conference workshops are titled: Defining Your Homeschool and Mom Motivation

Leilani’s Super Power: Manipulation – to manipulate curriculum and activities to meet the needs of students

Leilani is a former classroom teacher, current homeschool mom of 4, and homeschool evaluator for the state of Florida. Through her experience with special needs, as well as homeschooling her own daughter with Down Syndrome, she has become inspired to connect with other families on similar journeys to share support, information, and encouragement.

You can connect with her weekly on her Youtube Channel and Instagram at “Living with Eve”. She also has a website with resources.

Leilani’s conference workshop is titled: Understanding Sensory Processing Disorder & Adapting Curriculum To Meet your Needs

Amanda’s Super Power: Equipping Families for Communication Clarity!

Amanda Owens is a homeschool high school graduate turned speech language pathologist and working homeschool momma of 4 crazy cool kids. She founded Illuminate Communicate to shed light for parents navigating the world of speech therapy at home. Amanda has been told not to share certain knowledge with families across her 10 year career so its her passion to equip parents with tools they might not gain anywhere else. She loves to share the burden, the joy, the stories of the first language learning journey.

Learn more about Amanda on her website and check out her course offerings. You may also follow her on Instagram and on her FB Page.

Amanda’s conference workshops are titled: SIDEKICK! How you are your child’s MODEL for learning to PLAY and Speech Therapy in a FLASH! How to practice Speech Sounds in 5 minutes a day!

Amber’s Super Power: Ability to See the Future and in it you are winning at this homeschooling thing!

Amber Smith helps families find the right tools and build the mindset they needed to create a homeschool that fits their unique, individual lives. In 2008, she created, a blog for the growing homeschooling community. There she sees her role as a homeschool courage lender. Working directly with parents Amber developed a course to overcome the six main roadblocks that keep families from homeschool success. At, Amber shares relatable, and thought provoking homeschool tools to help families dig deeper and create a personalized map that will be their guide from the first day to graduation.

Amber’s conference workshops are titled: Using X-Ray Vision to Get to the Heart of Schoolwork Problems and Where is My Super Suit? Revealing the Hero You Already Are!

Angela’s Super Power: Ability to See the Future and in it you are winning at this homeschooling thing!

Angela is wife to one great supportive husband, and a homeschool mom to 4, wait, now 3 kids! She has recently successfully graduated her oldest out of highschool. When she’s not schooling she wears many hats within her homeschool community, church life and work. You can often find her in her free time… pffft- what’s free time? But when she does have a minute she writes at Schooling with Grace and stays social on Facebook and Instagram where she tries to keep up with the cool kids.

Angela’s conference workshops are titled: Homeschooling Through High School without losing your mind and Tips and Tricks for teaching a struggling reader

Lesa’s Super Power: Stubbornness. I really don’t give up, even when I want to. I might have a pity party now and then but then will dust myself off and keep looking for a solution.

Lesa, aka Bear Haven Mama, is a homeschooling mom of many hats and the creator of the blog and social media community at Misfit Mama Bear Haven. Lesa has been homeschooling for almost 13 years and shares about homeschooling, chronic health issues, mental illness, family, and quirky fashion through blogging and story telling on social media. The term misfit sort of just stuck over the years after never quite fit into any one place. So the focus instead has been on building a community of people from all walks of life. The goal is to of Misfit Mama Bear Haven is to help people find homeschool and parenting resources that fit their needs and to share personal stories about some of the issues that resonates iin hopes that others know they aren’t alone.

You can find Bear Haven Mama at And also on: Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest

Lesa’s conference workshops are titled: How to homeschool your children with a baby in tow and maintain your sanity and Tips for homeschooling a child with autism

Yolanda’s Super Power: Innovation

Yolanda Newton is an educational consultant, course creator, author, and portfolio evaluator. She’s also the homeschool educator of two wonderful boys. Over the last 15 years, she has been able to work with children and teenagers, as well as students with various needs, challenges, and goals. Yolanda also has worked to understand the rainbow of educational approaches families use to find success. As a home educator herself, she knows keeping organized and on track can be stressful. Yolanda works to ensure that home educators have helpful tools they can realistically use in their lives. She works to help educators and students have a homeschool journey that is stressless and successful.

You can stay in contact with Yolanda on Facebook @educationrevolt, on Twitter @EdRevolt or

Yolanda’s conference workshops are titled: Homeschool without the chaos using the Pomodoro Method and “Don’t Cancel The Classics”

Terrie’s Super Power: Homeschooling Special Needs

Terrie McKee is an author, speaker, podcaster, and blogger who also homeschools her youngest daughter. Married to Greg (who is paralyzed), together they have four children who all have varying special needs. A follower of Jesus Christ, she teaches adult Sunday School and writes books to encourage Christians on their faith journey. As a homeschooler, she also encourages and inspires other Christian homeschoolers as they home educate their children. 

Follow her on Facebook and on her website.

Terrie’s conference workshops are titled: Homeschooling a Teen with Autism and You CAN Homeschool Just One!

Leah’s Super Power: Turning everything into a song!

Leah Martin is a Colorado mom of 3 who believes that teaching Charlotte Mason’s way produces healthy, whole people. She has a Master’s degree in Reading Curriculum and Instruction, and taught in public schools for 7 years before moving to an Ambleside School, where she learned Charlotte Mason’s philosophy. This experience changed her life, introducing her to the philosophy when her daughter was just an infant. Now, Leah continues to teach people through My Little Robins, and creates materials that are simple to use and include multiple ages.

Leah’s conference workshops are titled: Taking the Stress Out of Teaching Math

Your Hostess

Kerry’s Super Power: Inspiring moms to raise leaders who love learning, make wise decisions and influence others for Jesus Christ

I’m your hostess, Kerry Beck . . .

I’m so excited to share these veteran homeschoolers with you to give you confidence to homeschool with success. I’m Gigi to my grandkids, so I’m starting over this year with Kindergarten. I love it. I homeschooled my 3 kids for 10 years. They’re all adults and my girls are moms, themselves.

You’ll get to know Gentry during Homeschool Super Heroes Week because she conducted our Super Hero Secret Interviews. retired homeschooler. I hope I can share the lessons I learned so you can do better in your homeschool.

I enjoy meeting with moms to encourage them in raising, educating and encouraging their own kids. I also have a strong desire to show families how to give their children a love of learning. I love being a mom, a Gigi and a homeschooler. One of my kids said, “I’m bringing my kids to you for all those fun activities.” Well, I can’t wait.

Most importantly, I want to share my faith with you. It’s my faith in Jesus Christ that gives me strength and courage to walk through days of rejection – loneliness – abandonment and lead me to peace, joy, victory and real forgiveness. Who could ask for more?

Sit back and let our Homeschool Super Heroes help YOU!

Get rid of your overwhelm and homeschool with confidence after you hear our Super Heroes. If this is your first year, you’re in for a treat.