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Title Partner – In Welcome Module

Homeschooling Around the World, by Steven Policastro
Join Steven Policastro to hear thrilling stories of what it is like to homeschool around the world. From the Amazon Rain Forest in Brasil to the Saharan Desert in South Sudan, from the Eiffel Tower in France to the Great Wall in China there are homeschool superheroes. Be encouraged and equipped to pray and serve these homeschool families overseas.

How to Homeschool

The F.E.A.S.T. of the Charlotte Mason Method, by Julie Ross
“We spread an abundant and delicate feast in the programmes and each small guest assimilates what he can.” (Charlotte Mason, Vol. 6, p. 183) Charlotte Mason states that a child’s mind must be fed a consistent diet of living ideas in order to grow intellectually in the same way a child’s body needs nourishing food for proper development. She proposed that the role of the educator is to consistently prepare this abundant and rich feast. In this 101 workshop, you will be given an overview of Charlotte Mason’s foundational principles, leaving you inspired to create an educational feast for your family. Come whet your appetite and see how this Victorian educational pioneer can transform your home school!

How to Choose the Best Curriculum for Your Homeschool, by Sara Jordan
Choosing the homeschool curriculum that works best for your family can be a daunting task. In this session, I share 9 important questions to ask when wading through all the options so you can find the best fit for your unique situation. Let’s cut through the confusion and discover the best curriculum for your family!

Why You Should You Change Your Homeschool Method or Style, by Annette Breedlove
Is your child frustrated with learning? Are they struggling to “keep up”? You’ve tried all the different curriculum and still, no feel like your wheels are spinning and you’re losing traction? Maybe it’s time for a change! Not a curriculum change, but a METHOD change! As a homeschooling mom of 6, Annette has been through it all. And the best decision she ever made was changing up their METHOD and STYLE of homeschooling. And you can too! Join Annette as she shares how to know when a change is needed. Why a change may be the best move for your family. And how to do it in a seamless manner!

Exploring Rabbit Trails: Embracing Child-Led Learning in Homeschoolingby Christy Gandara
Are you ready to embark on an educational adventure where learning knows no bounds? Join Christy Gandara of Happy Hive Homeschooling for an enriching workshop on embracing rabbit trails in homeschooling – the joy of following unexpected paths in education.In the world of homeschooling, some of the most profound learning experiences arise when we allow curiosity to lead the way. Rabbit trails, those delightful tangents that emerge during the learning process, hold the potential to ignite a passion for knowledge and foster deep understanding like no other.In this workshop, Christy will help you embrace and nurture these rabbit trails, transforming them into valuable learning opportunities for your children. Through insightful discussions, practical strategies, and inspiring anecdotes, you’ll discover how to:Recognize and seize upon rabbit trails as pathways to discovery and growth.Cultivate an environment that encourages child-led learning and exploration.Integrate rabbit trails seamlessly into your homeschool curriculum.Harness the power of rabbit trails to spark curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking skills.Embrace the flexibility and spontaneity that rabbit trails bring to your homeschool journey.Whether you’re a seasoned homeschooler or just beginning your adventure, this workshop will equip you with the tools and mindset to fully embrace the magic of rabbit trails in your homeschooling endeavors.Celebrate the wonder of learning without limits and empower your children to explore, discover, and thrive!

How to Find a Homeschool Co-op That Blesses and Not Stressesby Sarah McCubbin
Join me for this session if you are looking for a homeschool co-op for your family. We will talk about your philosophy, your reason for wanting a co-op, where to find co-ops, good questions to ask and how to co-op without stress.

The Mastery Modelby Britton LaTulippe
Many inquiring parents want to know, “How does Blue Manor Academy grade students?” Our answer is simple—we don’t. The idea of assigning letter grades came from socialists (both communist and capitalist) who wanted a eugenics sorting mechanism and a means of forcing a “common” curriculum on the masses by converting their curriculum into a currency for college admission. No invention has been more destructive to education than the “letter grade.” That is why, at Blue Manor Academy, we do not care about letter grades or ordering society for socialism; instead, our mission is to raise children for greatness, which is why we use the “Mastery Model.”In this talk, I will explain why the “Mastery Model” has been so successful for our students and how parents can use this standard in their homeschools.

Raising Exceptional Children Isn’t Rocket Science, Thank Goodness!byRebekah Sayler
We choose to homeschool so that we can raise up our children in a way that makes a difference. But so many parents lost their way as they focus intently on what they are teaching and take their eye off the prize- building amazing connections with those kids and helping them fall in love with learning, master those basic math facts and become excellent communicators.

Empowering Solo Moms: Strategies for Successful Homeschoolingby Christine Suarez
Are you a single mother considering homeschooling or currently homeschooling your children on your own? This workshop is designed to provide solo moms with the tools, resources, and support needed to successfully navigate the unique challenges of homeschooling as a single parent.

Creating Your Own Standards for Homeschoolingby Melissa Brander
We often know what we don’t want in homeschooling when it comes to standards. We don’t want to follow someone else’s ideas of what our kids should know. Every homeschool family is different, so every family’s goals will be different too. But, then we’re left with the question – what should we aim to teach our kids? In this session, I’ll lay out a path for you to create your own standards and goals for your kids, so that you can measure how they’re learning and their forward progress.

Learning Styles and Online Education: How to Make it Work for Your Family. Descriptionby Lisa Nehring
Learning styles are as essential to homeschooling parents as Ticonderoga pencils and denim jumper jokes. Embracing learning styles can transform your homeschooling experience by helping you understand your children better and making learning more enjoyable for everyone.

In this workshop, we will explore the different types of learning styles and discuss how to identify which styles your children tend towards. You will learn how to create a more dynamic and effective homeschooling environment by offering a variety of ways to learn, assess, and review lessons tailored to each child’s unique needs.

Homeschooling for Little to No Costby Melissa Wilhelmina
Share free resources for homeschooling and how you can make a full well rounded curriculum without spending much.

Homeschool Subject Areas

Spice Up History with Parties & Feasts, by Meredith Curtis
Throw a party or cook up a feast to bring history alive for your children and teens. Children can plan and host a luau when you study the fiftieth state or entertain guests at a medieval banquet while leaning about the Middle Ages. An Archaeology Dig or Ancient Greek Olympic Games bring ancient history alive! Studying the 1800s? You can entertain friends with a Victorian Tea. For the 20th Century, how about a sock hop? Or a DYI backyard miniature golf course? You can even spice up government with a “State Dinner” at the “White House.” Join Meredith Curtis for creative ideas that will turn history from boring to festive and fun! 

10 Simple Strategies for Seamlessly Incorporating a Quality Music Education in Your Homeschool, by Gena Mayo
In veteran homeschooler and music teacher Gena Mayo’s workshop “10 Simple Strategies for Seamlessly Incorporating a Quality Music Education in Your Homeschool,” homeschooling parents will gain practical insights to create a musical haven within their homes. Learn how to easily optimize your present space for music education, select the right resources for your family, and effectively budget for musical materials. Walk away with a concrete plan to integrate music into your homeschool curriculum, cultivating a lifelong love for music in your home!

Mastering Music 101: Basics for Homeschool Parent, by Gena Mayo
Join veteran homeschooler and music teacher Gena Mayo as she guides you on a comprehensive exploration of fundamental music concepts designed to empower you to confidently lead your children’s musical education. We’ll cover three practical areas: basic music reading; an overview of music history with famous composers and styles; and instruments/ instrument families. By the end of this enriching workshop, you’ll emerge equipped with the knowledge and confidence to include a quality music education in your homeschool!

How to Teach A Foreign Language, by Dana
The foreign language requirement can be intimidating for homeschool families if no one in the family speaks a foreign language well enough to teach it confidently. In this session, I will discuss things to look for in a teacher or class, tips to support your student’s foreign language journey and programs to augment learning. I will also discuss ways to put together a foreign language program if a teacher or formal class is not in the family’s budget.

Confidently Tackling Editing, by Brenda Lane
Confidently Tackling Editing: Strategies for Scared Moms Join us for “Confidently Tackling Editing: Strategies for Scared Moms,” a workshop designed with you in mind! Are you a mom feeling a little nervous about editing your child’s writing? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! In this supportive and empowering session, we’ll dive into practical editing techniques to help you feel more confident guiding your child through the writing process. From spotting common errors to offering constructive feedback, we’ll explore strategies to make editing a breeze for both you and your young writer. Get ready to boost your editing skills and empower your child to shine as a confident writer!

Teaching Science Concepts with Picture Books, by Jessica Hawley
This workshop would walk parents through the process of teaching through picture books. We will talk about asking leading questions and walking our kids through the Engineering Design Process to solve problems in the stories

From Copywork to Composition, by Andrew Pudewa
Teaching Writing through Imitation Join Andrew Pudewa to consider the underestimated value of simple copywork, discover the power of text reconstruction, experience the delight of author imitation, and learn the surprising relationship between text analysis and creativity.

Math, Meltdowns, and Mom Guilt, by Lynna Sutherland
If the idea of learning math brings your homeschooler to tears … and maybe even brings you to tears, this workshop is for you! Lynna Sutherland, homeschool mom of eight and former elementary school math coach uncovers the reasons students and parents alike find math so stressful, plus five strategies you can implement right now to change the trajectory of math meltdowns in your homeschool!

Encouragement for Homeschoolers

Attention: Obsessive-Compulsive, Perfectionistic, Control-Freaks-CHILL OUT!by Rachael Carman
As an obsessive-compulsive-perfectionist-control-freak herself, Rachael discusses how in many instances she is her own worst enemy when it comes to taking advantage of the freedoms of homeschool. Are you tied to your plan? Do you shiver at the idea of change or adjustment? Are you missing out on significant moments because you are focused on the trivial? It’s time to Chill Out and give control of it all to God for He is faithful.

Homeschool Power!, by Molly Christensen
Who else struggles with being consistent? If that’s you, you’re not alone. Homeschool is HARD because no one is telling you what to do or checking in on you. Learn about the power of habit and how to finally get consistent, even if you’ve tried and failed many times before.

The Gentle Art of Homeschooling- The Essential Tools of a Charlotte Mason Education, by Julie Ross
Do you desire to provide a nurturing and individualized education for your children. The educational philosopher Charlotte Mason proposed a radical (for her day) concept- children are born persons. Therefore, they deserve to be allowed to grow at their own pace instead of being pushed along like a product on a conveyor belt of force-fed information.Charlotte Mason said we have three tools available for our use as educators: Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, and a life. Join Julie Ross, creator of A Gentle Feast and homeschool veteran of 20+ years, to learn how to use these tools to create a nourishing homeschool. Home education should be a life-enriching experience, extending beyond academic instruction to encompass all aspects of a person. You don’t have to duplicate school at a home. There is an art to creating a family-centered and meaning-filled education. Julie will show you how this philosophy can transform your homeschool while practically applying these tools for your unique family.

Finding Your Way: Decision-Making Essentials for Homeschooling Families, by Christy Gandara
As a homeschool mom – you are making decisions from the time your feet hit the floor to the time your head hits the pillow. In fact, there is research on the extraordinary number of decisions that a teacher has to make at any given moment —- more decisions minute-by-minute than a brain surgeon. 🤯You, my friend, are a teacher and are making the equivalent if not more than this statistic can represent.Let’s maximize that decision-making power!In this workshop we look at:The stages of decision-making4 thought errors that cause us to leak energyHow to make decisions. Join Education Specialist Christy Gandara of Happy Hive Homeschooling and dive deep into YOUR decision-making process. Christy provides action steps that you can begin applying today.

Am I Failing As A Homeschool Mom? Conquer Your Doubts and Reclaim Your Confidence, by Jodie Perry
Are you in a season of feeling like a homeschool failure? Here’s a secret—you aren’t, but sometimes these feelings can be indication that something needs to change. Unlock the reasons to why you feel this way, myth bust some common expectations, make a plan to move forward, and reclaim your confidence.
Whether you are a new mom or a veteran homeschool mom. We all go through these seasons, and it is normal.
Mom, you are the best teacher for your kids. You are doing more than just teaching them facts. Homeschooling is about shaping your child’s character, teaching them responsibility, and showing them how to learn. You are called for this purpose.

It is time to conquer your doubts and reclaim your confidence!

In Pursuit of Restful Homeschooling, by Aimee Smith
Restful homeschooling overflows from the heart in a restful homeschool momma. Does that sentence intimidate anyone else? I want to be a restful homeschool momma, but I’m often not. As homeschool moms, we seek rest in many ways but often discover we’re filling a leaking cup. Let’s discuss some ways to pursue the rest we desperately need! When momma’s heart is restful, your entire family will enjoy a restful homeschool.

What I Know About Building a Marriage to Last, by Amber J. Smith
Envision your family joyfully gathered around the table for a holiday celebration years from now. Picture your children filled with laughter, planning visits with their brothers and sisters, and reminiscing about the cherished memories from the years you are shaping right now.

I want this future, and I bet you do, too. Yet, we see families crumbling, with parents calling it quits at the eight, ten, fifteen, and even twenty-year mark. What can we do to strengthen our futures? I’ve been asking families around me this question. I want to share the top responses that have helped homeschooling families build their happily-ever-after with intentional actions today.

Embracing the Journey: Navigating Learning Delays in Homeschooling, by Lisa Garrison
This workshop equips parents with strategies for supporting delayed learners in a homeschool setting. Explore understanding learning challenges, creating individualized learning plans, adapting curriculum/pacing, using multisensory techniques and assistive tech. Build a nurturing environment that celebrates progress and fosters resilience in your delayed learner. Gain knowledge and confidence to guide your child’s unique learning journey.

The True Cost of Education, by Lisa Nehring
Lisa Nehring discusses the true and hidden costs of education, and she’s not just talking about money. She covers the moral aspect of education and parental responsibility.

Teens & Pre Teens

How Does Homeschooling Prepare My Teen for Life?, by Michelle Osborn
Join me for a dynamic workshop where we explore the unique advantages of homeschooling. A unique environment that nurtures well-rounded, resilient individuals ready to thrive in today’s every changing world. Whether you’re a seasoned homeschooling parent or are considering homeschooling your teen, my goal is to offer insights and strategies that we used in our homeschool and parenting that help our children move into life after graduation well-prepared for their journey ahead.

Beyond the Basics: Exploring Electives and Extracurriculars in High School, by Dachelle McVey
Join Dachelle McVey from and Literary Adventures for Kids in this engaging workshop designed to help you enrich your teen’s homeschooling experience. “Beyond the Basics: Exploring Electives and Extracurriculars in High School” offers practical advice on how to tailor education to your teen’s interests, create exciting project-based learning opportunities, incorporate physical activities and team sports, and explore a variety of competitions and fairs. Learn how to leverage community resources, start enrichment classes, and foster a love of learning that lasts a lifetime. This workshop is perfect for parents looking to inspire and support their high schoolers’ educational journey.

Get Stuff Done and Have More Fun, by Joey Mascio
Tweens and teens today spend so much time on their screens and not enough time building the real life they want. They put hours in leveling up their virtual world while homework, relationships, and personal goals in real life stay stagnant. That’s not cool! And most teens know it. In this session, teen coach and motivational speaker Joey Mascio will teach parents three tools to pass along to their teen that will help them break away from the comfort of complacency and rock the uncomfortable things they avoid in life. Using these three tools will allow teens (and parents) to accomplish more in less time and free up more time for more fun. Video for tweens and teens! (parents can watch, too)

Don’t Lose Your Middle School Kids Under a Stack of Boring Curriculum!, by Bekki Sayler
When you look at your middles school children and see the sparkle in their eyes dim and the color drain from their face because they’ve lost their love of learning, you need to act quickly! There is an epidemic of middle school kids being lost along the way as they get buried under curriculum that doesn’t connect with their imaginations. In this workshop you will learn how to spot the problem and grab their attention and reach their hearts!

Villain to Mentor – Becoming the Person Your Teen Turns to Instead of Fights Against, by Joey Mascio
When we became parents we imagined we would be our child’s go to person for help and advice. Then, when we became our child’s teacher, we imagined even more magical learning moments. But alas, often we are the person our tween or teen fights against rather than turns to for help. Add on top of that trying to get them to do any work, however you execute your home education, and the problem is multiplied. Even though your child wants to do the work, they still fall victim to common procrastination pitfalls and somehow your “encouragement” seems to make it worse.Teen coach, motivational speaker, comedian, and former middle school teacher and counselor, Joey Mascio sharesthree ruleshe discovered over a decade of working with and coaching teens to help position parents to be their teen’s mentor, not the villain in the story. These Mentor Rules will allow you to set expectations, goals, and boundaries with your tween or teen more effectively as almost like magic, your teen will start to take on more responsibility for themselves AND turn to you for guidance. Impossible, you say? Joey has a decade worth of experience that says otherwise.

Homeschooling your College Bound Teen and Making Memories along the Wayby Betsy Sproger
In this Workshop you will get 8 Tips for Getting into College for homeschoolers, plus a workshop outline to follow with more helps and details. Are you wondering how to plan your high school for a college bound teen? Or what those Freshman Entrance Requirements are all about? Or even, how to make your teen’s transcript stand out? All of these things and more will be covered in this workshop, with a focus on building special family memories along the way.


Homeschooling your Toddler (the SIMPLE Play Based Way!), by Carol Jones
Homeschooling your toddler is easy than you think when you use the tips Carol will share with you. Discover how you can achieve all of your learning goals via Play and how to easily set up learning activities in the key areas of gross motor, fine motor, sensory play, language & literacy and math.

Reading Instruction Tips for Kids Who Struggle, by Jill Pike
One third of children will struggle to learn to read. How can a parent help them? In this session, Jill and Kerry explore how reading works and strategies parents can use to help teach any child to read. 

Special Needs

Raising a Special Needs Child and Finding Support for the Journey, by Steve Demme
Come listen to Steve’s testimony of the last thirty years as the father of a child with special needs. He shares what his family has learned, and the special, rewarding, and joyful role John has played in their lives. Even in the difficult experiences of life, God proved faithful and His grace sustained them and brought good out of their struggles and disappointments.

Dyslexia Outside-the-Box, by Beth Ellen Nash
A Personalized Approach to Learning That Embraces the Flipside Strengths of Dyslexia Students with dyslexia are NOT broken! Their brains are just wired for different kinds of excellence! We’ll explore 4 ways individuals with dyslexia have brains wired for different kinds of excellence including: Right Brain and Cross Hemispheric, 3D Visual-Spatial, Big Picture and Contextual Learning, and Intuitive Reasoning strengths.

Parenting & Faith

Help! Sibling Conflict is Ruining Our School Day!, by Lynna Sutherland
When you homeschool and your family is together all day, sibling conflict is just as inevitable as death and taxes (maybe more so)! Lynna Sutherland, mother of eight always-homeschooled children and certified parenting coach teaches you simple strategies you can implement before, during, and after sibling conflict to build relationship and conflict resolution skills.

Survive & Thrive When Personalities Collide!, by Meredith Curtis
When family life is not idyllic and peaceful, it might be a personality conflict. Meredith helps Moms and Dads (and teens) understand some basics about what makes different people tick, how they communicate, what they need, and how to teach/learn most effectively. While everyone is uniquely made in God’s image, understanding others and how they misunderstand you can turn discord into family harmony. 

Frustrated and Stressed (and Maybe a Little Angry), by Kathie Morrisey
Are you a frustrated homeschooling parent? Many homeschooling parents struggle with stress, anger, and discouragement. Kathie discusses several causes of frustration, and then tells how to deal with them. She also stresses the importance of dealing with anger, and having the right spirit in dealing with our children.

You CAN Teach the Bible at Home, by Danika Cooley
As parents, we deeply desire the best for our kids. We look for the right preschool, teach them to read, and get them involved in extracurriculars. We take our job as parents seriously.

But are we also putting our time and energy into teaching them the Bible? Leading our kids to life through Scripture is not only doable, it’s an essential part of parenting kids for Jesus. And the good news is studying God’s Word as a family doesn’t have to be hard or overly time-consuming. Discover easy ways in this interview with Danika & Kerry.

How to Teach Kids about Persecuted Christians and Unreached People Groups, by Bonnie Rose Hudson
More than 350 million Christians around the world today are suffering extreme persecution and discrimination because they follow Jesus. More than 40% of the world’s population today, nearly 3.4 billion people, are considered unreached, meaning that less than 2% of them are known to understand that Jesus loves them and offers them salvation. Both of these groups are often underreported on, and both are extremely important to educate our children about so they can pray, serve, and educate others. This workshop will equip parents and teachers with information, resources, and ideas on how to share the stories of the persecuted and the unreached with their children and students in age-appropriate ways. 

Planning & Organization

Homeschool the Hero Way, by Molly Christensen
Are you tired of wandering around? Still feeling like you haven’t hit your groove yet? Feeling like you are drowning with all the things? Learn to simplify your home and homeschool as you learn to homeschool with the hero’s journey! You can be the hero of your homeschool and feel happy and confident!

Scheduling & Planning Tips from a 25-Year Homeschool Mom, by Jan L. Burt
At the end of your rope? Tired of trying to get it all done? Has juggling all-the-things left you feeling worn out, weary, and overwhelmed? I’m here to help! Jan L. Burt homeschooled her five children from preschool through high school graduation, and she developed a system and strategy to keep scheduling & planning headaches at a minimum. Join us for this session as Jan shares tips & encouragement that will help your homeschool run more smoothly.

How to Make Time in your Busy Working Day to Homeschool your Kids, by Charlotte Jones
Are you a busy working mom dreaming of homeschooling your kids? Do you feel overwhelmed by the thought of adding in another huge task into your already hectic schedule? My talk will give you some practical tips and mindset tools to find the time to homeschool, to manage your schedule successfully, and to still have some time left over for you. 

Staying on Track: How To Get it All Done, by Kathie Morrisey
Do you often feel like you end up getting off track by the end of the day? Are you just struggling to “get it all done” everyday, get your kids back in line, and your homeschooling rolling smoothly? How do you sort through the distractions, get back on track, and stay there?  As homeschooling moms, it is always a challenge to balance our many roles and accomplish what we need to without being distracted. But it IS possible! Kathie will share practical ideas on staying focused, and being a wise manager of your time, so you can get those important things done!

The Best Hacks for Managing Personal Belongings with a Large Family, by Amber J. Smith
Are you shouting, Whose toy is this? Or hearing; Mom, he has my…!
As a parent, the logistics of stuff are a constant battleground. Amber J. Smith is no stranger to the property problem. As a mother to ten kids under 12, she learned some creative management tools that have stood the test of time.
No more nagging and your kids will argue less. Help your kids develop a sense of ownership and responsibility with the ideas you will learn in this workshop.
BONUS: Cleaning a room in under 30 is explained in detail in less than 5 minutes!

Homeschooling Three Kiddos And…., by Melissa Wilhelmina
Let people know that it can be done. Your house wont always be clean but the prioritizing your time and the things important to you will allow you to have time for the things you want and need to do.