Kendra Fletcher

Homeschool Super Hero 2012 speaker - Kendra Fletcher - Preschoolers and PeaceMy husband is a funny, happy, interesting guy who makes his living as a dentist and drives a VW bus. We’ve been married for 20 years and have 8 children. We didn’t set out to have 8, but we are so glad we had each one! Life here is never boring.

Our oldest is an 19-year-old college junior; our youngest is a 4-year-old who fought a deadly illness when he was two months old. In between we have 6 more kids.

Once upon a time I had a degree in music and was pursuing a Master’s Degree, but the Master Himself called me to something far greater, right here in my home. These days in and amongst the busyness of a household of 10, I am finding my identity, acceptance, purpose, value, significance, and security in God through Jesus alone by grace through faith in Him.

Kendra will share:

  • Secrets to homeschooling a pre-schooler.
  • How you can prepare your child for “school.”
  • How to transition from preschool to regular homeschool
  • The secret to balancing it all.