Pam Forster

Homeschool Super Hero 2012 speaker - Pam Forster - DoorpostPam met her husband, John, at a Bible study. She was teaching school and living in the town where she attended college. John was taking some classes at the college. A mutual friend led a Bible study in her apartment, and when John attended it he noticed a lot of books on her bookshelf that were also on his bookshelf, and a jar of alfalfa sprouts growing in the windowsill. They both like playing Boggle, and both delight in God’s Word.

Almost thirty years later she still beats him at Boggle, and they have lots more shelves full of books. Pam lives about an hour from downtown Portland, Oregon, and about an hour the other direction to the beach. The perfect location! It’s beautiful here!

She enjoys gardening, and exploring new methods now since all her weeders are growing up and taking on their own responsibilities. Pam also enjoys scrapbooking, occasional watercoloring and calligraphy, music and concert-going, and she enjoys writing, once all the torture of actually doing it is finished!

Pam will share:

  • Discover ways to help you stay consistent while raising your children.
  • Learn how to make the Bible central to all of your schooling.
  • Explore the joys and challenges of being an “empty-nester.”