Stef Layton

Homeschool Super Hero 2012 speaker - Stef Layton - Educating LaytonsStef Layton, mid 30′s Christian wife (to a traveling golf course architect), & mama to two amazing homeschool boys – living it all out in sunny Florida! I’m one of those “later to accept Jesus” statistics!  I accepted Christ at the age of 26, so I like to write about my growing faith. I blog about: homeschooling, faith, weight loss / healthy habits, blogging 101′s, and easy home tips/encouragement for the every mom.

I want to encourage moms: parenting can be joyful and fulfilling when we embrace Jesus and let Him lead! I offer free downloads because I hope they give all types of families time together, fun, and opportunities to think!  Homeschool Living isn’t necessarily what subjects you teach or where you school, but a love for learning all the time!

I pray for all moms to spend time cuddling and laughing, reading, learning and exploring this great world with their children!  My goal is to share Christ with my boys, let The Lord lead us, and grow us closer as a family so we can shine His glory.

Stef will share:

  • How to capture the attention and spirit of your child who can’t sit still.
  • What to do when your kids learn differently from you or from each other
  • How to be a deliberate, purposeful mom
  • How to have so much FUN with your children, you won’t want to go back to textbooks.