Chris & Wendy Jeub

Chris & Wendy Jeub have 16 children, four graduate homeschoolers and 12 currently working their way through the Jeub homeschool. They were featured in 2007 for Kids by the Dozen, a TLC episode featuring their family of then-13 children. Since then, Chris and Wendy have written several books emphasizing “filling your home with the greatest commandment.” Titles includeLove in the House, Love Another Child, two cookbooks Love in the Kitchen Vol. 1 and 2, and a diet book for mothers written by Wendy, Love in a Diet.

The Jeubs describe themselves as a “speech and debate” homeschool family. All their children are expected to participate in the “homeschool sport” of academic forensics. They prepare speeches and debates and travel the country attending tournaments of other homeschoolers, a wonderful community of families all emphasizing the need to speak persuasively and winsomely. The Jeub family runs debate camps in the summer and publishes curriculum through their home business and ministry, Training Minds.

You can find out more about the Jeubs at their family website,

Chris & Wendy will share:

  • How to teach speech and debate for younger children
  • The 4 C’s of speech and debate
  • Practical & biblical reasons why speech and debate are important subjects in your homeschool classroom