Peter Minke

Dr. Peter Minke is a renowned body mechanics and holistic wellness expert. He received his bachelor’s degree and Ph.D. in Molecular Cell Biology and has been interested for decades in helping others learn about assuming responsibility for their own health and the practice of self-healing. Throughout his career as a health educator, massage therapist, and public speaker, he has mentored other healthcare professionals and clients. He is active in the community – as a homeschool teacher, as a church youth teacher, as an employer, as a civic volunteer where he has been involved with the local Down syndrome association, and a guest lecturer at Texas A&M University.

He also enjoys teaching on the proper use and application of topical therapeutic-grade essential oils, the use of nutritional supplements for optimal health, the area of digestive processes, and methods of tissue detoxification. He is deeply committed to the principles of entrepreneurship. He and his wife, Amy, own their own massage therapy business and both specialize in an advanced method called Aston Patterning which works with body patterns developed from a lifetime of moving. Peter also enjoys writing, and music performance of all sorts, including singing, playing his guitar, and listening to great music from many cultures.

Peter will share:

  • Having a “team mentality” with your spouse in homeschooling
  • Practical tips for having a healthier family
  • Helpful essential oils to have on hand and how to use them