Adam Andrews

Adam AndrewsAdam Andrews received his BA in Political Economy and Christian Studies from Hillsdale College in 1991.  He earned his MA in History from the University of Washington in 1994, and is currently a candidate for the PhD in History.  Both Adam and his wife, Missy have long felt a calling to serve the home schooling community, and have constantly been on the lookout for ways to make high quality education accessible to committed parents and teachers.  Inveterate bookworms, they have spent the past twelve years making booklists of great literature for students of all ages, and trying to find a literature curriculum that is both accessible and substantial.  Teaching the Classics is the result of their conviction that the best curriculum is one that involves both teacher and student in a discussion of great ideas.

Adam will discuss:

  • How to use literature in your homeschool
  • How to create critical thinking skills in your children
  • How to analyze worldview in what you read