Phyllis Wheeler

Phyllis WheelerI’m Phyllis Wheeler, the Computer Lady from I am a veteran homeschooling mom who has helped many kids build a solid foundation of computer knowledge. I can help yours too.  Being in the same position as you, worried that my kids would fall behind in computer skills, I realized there was a need in homeschooling when it came to computers.

I had something to offer in this field! I am a mechanical engineer who has taken a number of programming courses over the years. I worked as a programmer one summer in college. I decided to offer a computer course at our co-op, since I had the skills. (I am also a writer, and that helps too.)  I have  creating fun projects for the kids to work on the computer

Phyllis will share:

  • The importance of teaching computers to your children
  • Practical ways to teach computes when mom can’t do computers
  • Homeschooling tips – Children with Aspergers
  • How computer programming can help with science & engineering jobs