Sally Clarkson

Sally ClarksonSally is, first and foremost, a full-time, stay-at-home-schooling mom. Her life has always revolved around her four wholehearted children-Sarah, Joel, Nathan and Joy. In addition to her ministry to her family, God has also given her a ministry to other families, and to homeschooling mothers, through speaking and writing. Sally grew up in Texas and New Mexico, accepted Christ personally her freshman year at Texas Tech University, was active with Campus Crusade for Christ during college, and joined staff upon graduation in 1975. She ministered at the University of Texas, lived and ministered in Eastern Europe under Communist rule, and returned to Denver to work with executive women and singles, and with Clay, whom she married a year later. She has always been active in discipling women, and began a church-based homeschool support group in Nashville that is still active. Sally is a writer, speaker, discipler, and blogger ( who also loves books, music, British films, baking, and tea.

Sally will discuss:

  • How to minister to the whole heart of your child
  • How to use whole books in your homeschooling
  • How to keep God the center of your home
  • How to lay the best foundation when homeschooling young kids